Network File Monitor

Network File Monitor Professional

Complete application to manage your local network

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Group tree saving error fixed


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Network File Monitor Professional provides solutions for a real-time automatic backup, replication and synchronization of local and remote files and directories.

  • Operates over LAN, WAN and Internet
  • UNC and mapped drives support
  • Access to files and resources by HTTP, FTP, POP3 protocols
  • Informs you about news on web site pages
  • Sends the pages to your email
  • Notifies you about changes by LAN messages, email, ICQ or SMS (via email gate)
  • Checks email accounts for predefined messages
  • Sends notification about the letters by LAN messages, email, ICQ or SMS (via email gate), executes scripts, tasks and external programs
  • Uses ICMP (ping) protocol to notify you by LAN or email if the remote server goes down
  • Notifies you if the disk space is low by sending LAN and email messages
  • Launches scripts and external programs which can free disk space
  • Follows records in the Windows event logs on a local or remote computers
  • Sends alerts and notifications, launches tasks and commands if errors or specified events appeared in the logs
  • Launches scripts, programs and OS commands
  • One-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many monitoring and replication types are available
  • Replicates file attributes and NTFS security descriptors
  • Selection of files or folders by full or partial name, file size or size range, file date or date range, file attributes (System, Hidden, Read only, Compressed, Archive)
  • Extends functionality by using additional modules: File compression, File encryption, Remote console, Remote agent and others
  • Sends alerts and notifications on errors, system events and tasks status to a system administrator or recipient list by LAN, email, ICQ or SMS

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Network File Monitor


Network File Monitor Professional

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